The Will County Farm Bureau® Foundation Scholarship applications are now available.

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As president of the Will County Farm Bureau® Board, I welcome you to our new website.

Our organization actively serves the Will County community and just celebrated our 100th anniversary.  We advocate on behalf of our members to improve their economic and social well-being.  Please explore the award-winning work of our many committees to check out the numerous opportunities available to you by becoming a member.  We actively reach out to consumers to show them the benefits of modern agriculture, while working with local farmers and ranchers to improve the natural environment and productivity of their land.

I hope you will find this resource helpful in maximizing the value of your membership by actively participating in your Will County Farm Bureau®.

Tom Nugent

District Map:

Board of Directors:

  • President - Tom Nugent
  • Vice President - Glenn Ginder
  • Secretary - Mary Ann Deutsche
  • Treasurer - Roger Bettenhausen
  • District 1 - Jim Filotto
  • District 2 - John Andermann II
  • District 3 - Jeff Bleuer
  • District 4 - Mike Quigley
  • District 5 - Tim McNamara
  • District 6 - Pat McDonald
  • District 7 - Kurt Tewes
  • District 8 - Dave Kestel
  • District 9 - Roger Bettenhausen
  • District 10 - Glenn Ginder
  • District 11 - Mary Ann Deutsche

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