Women for Family Farms

Chair: Anne Soucie

Vice Chair: Sam Tewes

Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Schneidewind

Women for Family Farms (WFF) was established in 2011.  It is the newest of the Will County Farm Bureau® organizations.  WFF encourages broad participation by being involved in a wide variety of activities.

WFF sponsors educational programs and hosts social events targeted to the rural and agricultural community.  They also conduct fundraisers for causes such as the Farm Bureau® Foundation and Phone Cards for Troops.

In addition to their WFF projects, they also assist with Will County Farm Bureau® events, such as Family Fun Night, and lend help to events and projects hosted by other organizations within the Farm Bureau®, such as Ag in the Classroom and the Corn and Soybean Growers’ committees.

Women for Family Farms is open to any woman who is a Farm Bureau® Member or dependent.  If you are interested in attending a meeting or participating in a WFF event, contact the Will County Farm Bureau® office at (815) 727-4811.

Some examples of WFF activities are:

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